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In Online, Issue 1, 2015, Paul Phillips announced that a survey would be sent to members in Wales to determine what the needs of the local members was. Since then we have been discussing how PINNT can work with the local homecare companies and the PN Nutrition Team at the University Hospital of Wales.

A Wales HPN Patient Day (PNers) has been arranged for 10th June 2015 and PINNT will be fully supporting this meeting.

Sadly some key players are unable to attend but PINNT will be there to determine how we can network with the PN homecare company and the nutrition team to provide meetings that members/patients want.

Our survey has been put on hold, hopefully we can find out more at the meeting then determine how we can support more meetings in the area.

We have our dedicated PINNT reps in the area; Paul Phillips and Letty Johns who are going to see how they can interact to further their role. We will be looking at how we can make this a group for enteral patients and carers too.

If you are keen to get involved please email

PINNT value partnerships with homecare providers, healthcare professionals and our members - together we can achieve so much.

Carolyn Wheatley


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