Nutrition and Hydration Week 2014


PINNT s pledge ...


Nutrition Hydration week 2014 (17-23 March 2014) will see nationwide action across social and health care settings to raise awareness and improve understanding of the vital importance of good nutrition and hydration an initiative that is attracting worldwide support and praise.

Even though PINNT members are receiving artificial nutrition this does not exclude us from supporting this event. We are the extreme end of the spectrum and still need appropriate and effective nutrition and hydration. It is vital to remember also that many of us are supported by carers, family and friends who also need to ensure they maintain a good level of nutrition and hydration; many forget to look after themselves.

We all know that there are times when nutrition and hydration can vary due to health issues along with the variation in seasons. Many people suffer with extreme temperatures and need to keep a close on hydration.

On Wednesday 19 March afternoon tea events are being held and encouraged around the country to unit people. Afternoon Tea also serves a vital social and emotional role that is necessary for overall wellbeing. It enables those in social and health care settings, who may otherwise be isolated, to interact with staff, visitors, and fellow residents, service users, patients, neighbours and friends.

Caroline Lecko, Patient Safety lead for NHS England commented: We are keen to engage everyone, no matter where they care for someone, in providing an afternoon tea on Wednesday 19 March. It is important that carers remember that nutritional intake takes place outside the three main meals of the day, and we see the concept of an afternoon tea focusing our message on this key aspect of nutritional care.

PINNT has pledged to continue to unite its members; while our nutrition and hydration comes via a tube or catheter we still support the social interaction. During this time people can support one another by sharing and supporting each other to manage and cope with the artificial nutrition. Many would love to enjoy a cup of tea but have to rely on tube feeding.

PINNT supports its members in not only dealing with their artificial nutrition but learning how to adjust to not being able to take oral nutrition and hydration. For those who can still enjoy it there may be limits to what they can manage.

PINNT support all initiatives that raise awareness of appropriate and effective nutrition and hydration.


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