Nottingham success


The inaugural meeting in Nottingham reinforces our core principles

Thanks to Tara, Lesley and Adam the initial meeting of our new group has already united people in the area on home artificial nutrition.

Healthy discussion took place around a number of issues relevant to patients and their families. It's early days and we hope to another meeting soon whereby we hope to welcome more people to the support PINNT can offer in the locality.

Part of PINNT's work is to also raise awareness of the treatments we support at home. The local media have picked up our story and we are delighted that to date we have been able to contribute to radio and TV features.

PINNT are delighted that two of our core principles have been achieved. We will not rest here, we intend to spread the word and welcome as many people as we can to our network. While we know just how beneficial home parenteral or enteral nutrition is we also know the practical challenges many people and their families face. PINNT are here to support the day to day living with a tube or catheter.


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