Nottingham here we come


A new group .....

We are delighted to announce we are starting a PINNT support network in Nottingham. Our group is for everyone fed enterally (PEG s, NG s +) or parenterally (HPN) and their families and carers. Please see relevant meeting details below. We have a venue centrally located and easily accessible for those travelling by public transport or driving. Full information is given below and on the reverse. Our group will cover adults and paediatric patients. We will be offering a friendly forum in which we can support each other, share experiences and possibly offer opinion in relation to local services, homecare - who knows what we may be able to achieve! Fun will also be on the agenda! We are not in a position to offer medical advice though; we discuss and support the practical issues of home artificial nutrition. Our first get-together will be getting to know one another; there will be a craft table for any children attending! You will hear an overview of PINNT and your local contacts will be introduced to you. Between us we can determine how the group want to work and take steps to move it forward it will be your group, your thoughts and opinions will counts. Some of you may already be members of PINNT, if not there is a form enclosed it s currently free to join so why no sign up and give us a go! Please the form back to us or bring it on the day if you re joining. As we cannot share data you may receive this information from a couple of places. As it will be the initial meeting it will be purely patients, family and friends a really relaxed get together for everyone. So here are the important details: Date: Tuesday 2nd July 2013 Time: 12.30 p.m. 3.00 p.m. Place: Nottingham Voluntary Action Centre - Ash Room, 7 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FB (info on reverse) Drinks and biscuits will be provided So we can plan effectively please let us know if you are able to attend either by mail or ring 01202 481625 by 21st June 2013. Hope to meet as many as you as possible on the 2nd July 2013. CarolynChair, PINNT