High output stomas, short bowel and nutrition


Short bowel syndrome (Intestinal Failure) is a hot topic at the moment.

In the UK we generally don t use short bowel syndrome (SBS) as a condition as widely as other countries. Intestinal failure is a common term most of us recognise. People know their condition, or their childs, which then allows them to learn about it along with the implications.

PINNT has been involved with a lot of research in relation to short bowel syndrome. We will continue to support research which has the potential to provide choice and hope for patients. Our own recent survey produced over 400 replies. We are looking to produce a submission for the high specialised technology programme within NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) who will soon be evaluating a potential growth factor which could be used for those with SBS.

Obviously there is a long way to go; the process is at the very initial stages.

Following the PINNT survey we have received a lot of questions. Rather than reinventing the wheel we have, and continue to, locate information that you may find useful.

We ask that you don t copy them as the British Journal of Nursing has kindly given us permission to reproduce them for the use of our members. They may be a little more complex than you would like; please send us feedback - tell us what else you would like to read. We will endeavour to seek suitable features/material.

Remember this information is general and covers a number of aspects and is primarily aimed at healthcare professionals.

Module 1
  • Managing high-out put stomas: Dr Simon Gabe and Rebecca Slater
Reference: Gabe S, Slater R (2013) Managing high-output stomas: module 1 of 3. British Journal of Nursing (Stoma Supplement), Vol 22, No 5
Module 2
  • Managing high-out put stomas: Simon Gabe
Reference: Gabe S (2013) Managing high-output stomas; module 2 of 3. British Journal of Nursing (Stoma Supplement), Vol 22, No 6 Module 3

This module contains medical images.
  • Managing high-out put stomas: Rebecca Slater and Simon Gabe
Reference: Slater R, Gabe S (2013) Managing high-output stomas; module 3 of 3. British Journal of Nursing (Stomas Supplement), Vol 22, No 22