Kimal IVantage LITRE Report


The Kimal IVantage ambulatory pump now assessed by LITRE
This clears its supply to patients for Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN)

LITRE (Looking into the Requirements for Equipment), the multi-professional panel led by patients, is a standing committee of the charity and patient support group PINNT (Patients on Intravenous Nasogastric Nutrition Therapy).

In January 2013 a National Framework Agreement for the supply of Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN) in England was implemented by the Department of Health. That Agreement specifies that only once an assessment has been completed by the LITRE panel can an ambulatory pump be supplied to patients by homecare companies.

In accordance with that Agreement, LITRE has now completed an interim assessment on the Kimal IVantage ambulatory pump, confirming that this pump can now be supplied to patients.

A PINNT spokesperson says: The National Framework is designed to support patient choice, and to help ensure a regular supply of quality products and services for all on home parenteral nutrition. PINNT welcomes and supports these important objectives as well as the ability to bring new pumps onto the market after assessment, further supporting patient choice.

No one pump fits all patients needs and in discussion with their clinicians, patients do now have the opportunity to choose the kit that best fits their therapy need as well as supporting their quality of life.

The LITRE panel found the IVantage ambulatory pump to have excellent potential and to be user-friendly for a variety of patients. LITRE have made some recommendations for potential improvements with regards to the external battery, the backpack and accompanying literature. LITRE can confirm that their recommendations have been taken on board and look forward to receiving confirmation of their implementation. LITRE s full assessment can be found on the home page of the PINNT website.

Over more than 15 years, LITRE has developed an extensive portfolio of assessments which have had direct impact on improving patients lives at home as they manage their artificial nutrition therapy, and in particular supporting improved mobility. The assessments have covered a variety of products, including types of dressing and equipment for use in the home, as well as a major report of all the ambulatory pumps available on the market in 2011. The report is available on the PINNT website.

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