Inaugural Meeting Shropshire


Shrewsbury Inaugural PINNT Meeting 20th April 2013

Supported by Nutricia and Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust


What a great start! A number of Healthcare Professionals and people reliant on artificial feeding met at the Lantern Community building, Harlescott, just a few minutes drive from Shrewsbury rail Station. Following introductions and over a cup of tea, those not already members were introduced to PINNT, its aims and the advantages of membership. Despite participants apparently different needs, those present found that they had much in common when it came to having to adapt life to fit in with their feeding, such as the shared anxiety of travel both near and far. We explored the possibilities around travelling with feed and kit , and the advice and help available from both PINNT and the homecare companies. We also had a good laugh over shared embarrassing moments, including the unexpectedly early feed delivery which caught the recipient in a state of unreadiness. The afternoon flew by and all were so pleased to have made the effort to meet up; most had never met before but are now firm friends, with a promise to meet again in 3-4 months to keep the ball rolling in order to fully establish the Shropshire regional PINNT group. So watch this space for details of the next get-together planned for around early July!

Enquiries to Sylvia 01223 880616/

Hope to see you next time if you re from Shropshire or nearby.

Sylvia, Michelle, Holly and Dawn


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