New global enteral devices connector


Important information!

Important information about the imminent introduction of ENFit - what will become the new global standard fitment for all enteral devices, including giving sets.

A group called the EPSG (Enteral Plastics Safety Group), which is made up of all major UK enteral device manufacturers and is supported by relevant clinical groups have produced this information.

PINNT want to highlight this to members so you are informed of the change that will begin to come into play from September 2015 onwards.

The attached information should provide you with everything you need to be informed about the changes.

We have covered this in Online recently but this is a reminder to all enteral patients and carers.

If you have any questions please direct them to your usual healthcare team who look after you.

Click here for:

Press Release for NNNG - Enteral Feeding Devices ISO at July 2015

EPSG UK 4 page brochure at July 2015

EPSG single page summary article at July 2015

EPSG CN article reprint at July 2015