HAN - Home Artificial Nutrition Awareness Week 2017

Our 5th HAN week is fast approaching. The event varies each year and we ask you to take part where possible.
Listed below are the activities we have planned.  This is followed by 'what you can do' to promote and raise awareness of home artificial nutrition (HAN).

PINNT plans

  • Our new website will be launched.
  • We will be co-authoring features related to home artificial nutrition which will have a strong patient focus. We will share information on these close to the event. They may not necessarily be released during HAN week but will be written with 'awareness' in mind.
  • Our 'patient/carer' stories will be featured on a daily basis. For us, it's all about those on the receiving end of home artificial nutrition. A wide variety of conditions/illnesses unite people with the common factor; HAN. We delight in sharing how people live because of their HAN.
  • Promoting a special event; a PINNT member who is having her hair cut for charity. Thanks to her HAN and despite her condition she is desperate to help someone else by donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust who will make a wig for a child going through caner. Watch this space for further information.
  • Our annual get-together/AGM will be held towards the end of HAN week, Homerton College, Cambridge - if you wish to have details sent again or want further information please email: scottee@pinnt.com 
  • 'Project Verify' - an exciting project based on requests from members.' Project Verify' will be launched in two phases; full information will be announced closer to HAN week.
  • We hope to release a video during HAN week.
  • Facts/thoughts will be used on social media each day for HAN week.

What you can do during HAN week

  • Share your story/social media or local newspapers/radio -  your personal experience can inspire or support others. There are variations in all our lives but something you say may strike a chord with someone. Sharing your story may just make a difference to someone else.You can share it on social media, your own Facebook page, PINNT's Facebook or Twitter page.

    Remember to include the HAN logo - #HAN2017  @PINNTcharity

    Please include a short statement about PINNT and the www.pinnt.com 
  • Facebook - either donate your profile picture with the HAN logo or add a twibbon to your existing profile photo.

    Follow us on Facebook and Twitter - share stories to raise awareness.
  • Hold a coffee morning - sounds strange if you can't eat or drink! Use it as a social event to explain that despite you/your child's inability to eat and drink normally, socialising is important. It may be a good way to dispel any myths about how and why you/your child gets their nutrition and hydration. Raise awareness about being part of normal life despite home artificial nutrition, share what works for you, how you like to be involved and why sometimes things can change at the last minute. Help them to help you adapt to a social life where food and drink is all around.
  • Schools/playgroups - consider asking if you can go in and talk to the children/teachers about home artificial nutrition. Explain how it works; take questions - make everyone feel at ease about it.
  • Company related to HAN/manufacturer - arrange an informal session or arrange a display to share with colleagues what your role in in terms of HAN. Tell them how your company/products/or service links into helping people on HAN.
  • A healthcare professional helping to care/support people at home - share the work you do with colleagues; showcase the difference you make to those on HAN. Ask PINNT to send you a poster so you can direct people to PINNT.


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