Drugs & Enteral Feeding Tubes


Not everyone can take medication in the usual way and for some people medication has to be administered via enteral feeding tubes.
It is not always as simple as crushing tablets or using syrup versions of medication to facilitate taking them via enteral feeding tubes.

Geoff Simmonett (former PINNT Committee Member, BAPEN PINNT representative and enteral patient) and Becky White (Consultant Pharmacist) worked with BAPEN to compile a practical guide illustrating how to safely and effectively administer medications via enteral tubes.

This information can be accessed in the members area at:

http://pinnt.com/Members-Area/Drugs-Enteral-Tubes.aspx You will find a patient guide leaflet which highlights the general points and provides tips on how to administer drugs safely. There is also a chart which you can complete which would be of great benefit if you had to go in to hospital so those in charge of your care where able to ensure you received your medications in the appropriate way without risking your tube.

Furthermore there is a convenient leaflet which you can give to your GP. This booklet illustrates the issues with prescribing medications that will be administered via enteral tubes, explaining the potential problems and highlighting how they can best work around the problems. You GP may or may not already be aware of these issues, but a gentle reminder never hurts.

PINNT hope to be able to update this information over the next year!