Christmas without ...


... the turkey and the trimmings!

I am alone in wishing that just for once I could indulge in the tastes and textures of a Christmas lunch?

After many years on tube feedings I still dream of one day being able to enjoy a Christmas lunch once more. My wish does not just extend to a Christmas lunch, no it's all the meals and drinks I currently miss out on (obviously my liquid food provides the nutrition), what I miss is the taste - the smell just isn't enough.

Usually if I am invited out for Christmas lunch I try to suggest I will arrive after lunch. I imagine for my hosts the invitation is given because I am on my own and Christmas is a time for families and friends but not being able to part take (or even over indulge as many of them do) I find it easier to avoid the ceremony of Christmas lunch.

Where it is unavoidable I make a point of having my 'tube lunch' at the same time but it's surprising how many people feel uncomfortable watching me syringe out my turkey flavoured milk and place it down my tube. My lunch is always finished first while the courses continue for those enjoying the turkey, roast potatoes, Christmas pudding etc ....

There are some benefits though. My personal motto is that if I haven't been able to eat why should I help with the washing up plus I will not be rushing out after Christmas to buy the keep fit DVD to work tirelessly to shift those extra pounds put on with all that over indulgence.

Happy Christmas to you, I hope however you are spending it you are able to cope with the absent food and liquid cheer.


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