Changes to Enteral Tubes

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As many of you who use enteral tubes will be aware there are ongoing changes with the enteral tubes and accessories which is currently in phase two of three.

This is to standardise all tubes and accessories used for enteral nutrition across the world in the hope of preventing never events from occurring.

As many of you who use enteral tubes will be aware there are ongoing changes with the enteral tubes and accessories which are currently in phase two of three.

This is to standardise all tubes and accessories used for enteral nutrition across the world in the hope of preventing never events from occurring.

We have received many questions regarding enteral tubes and the changes over the past few months as people start to receive the new equipment. This has additional pieces (or transition pieces as they are often called) attached to allow them to be compatible with the old style which is being phased out.

The Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Group (PENG), a specialist group within the British Dietetic Association (BDA) have put together some information in the form of frequently asked questions for patients, which you may be interested to read.

Frequently asked questions for patients and carers
1. Why is a new enteral connector being introduced?
Different types of medical devices/equipment can easily be connected using Luer connectors. For example, an inflation tube of a blood pressure monitor can be connected to an intravenous catheter; an enteral feed administration set can be connected to a tracheostomy tube, any of which may result in serious harm. To reduce the risk of misconnections, the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) has developed a series of new International Standards in a range of medical devices. Essentially this is being introduced across the world to improve your (patient) safety.
2. What are the changes?
The new ENFit connector provides a simple way to reduce the risk of enteral tube feeding misconnections and improve safety. Your tube will not change in its function but you will notice the connector you attach the feeding set and syringes to will be slightly different as will the feeding sets and syringes.
3. When will I have to change to the new connectors?
The introduction of ENFit will be in two phases. This is to have a simple and seamless transition from your current system. In September 2015 transitions sets will be introduced, they will have adaptors that will fit all current tubes and syringes. The new tubes and syringes will be introduced from the 4th of July 2016.
4. What is a transition set ?
Transition feeding/administration sets will allow connection to both current feeding tubes as well as new tubes. Transition feeding/administration sets allow manufacturers and NHS to work through current stock of feeding tubes, syringes, feeding/administration sets and ancillaries.
5. What will the ENFit devices look like?
Your Healthcare Professional will be able to provide you with information before the introduction of Transition sets from September 2015 and Tubes and syringes in March 2016.
6. Will they fit the tubes I currently use, even if from a different company?
The transition sets will fit all tubes that are currently used and every company that provides feeding sets and tubes will be changing to ENFit connectors, so every set, tube and syringe will have a the universal (ENFit) connector.
7. Will I have to change the way I feed?
You will continue to use your tube in the same way. You will not have to change your feed or how and when you feed.
8. Will we have to different syringes?
The syringes will change at the same time as the tubes (July 4th 2016). The transition sets with adaptors will be available for many months. If you have a non ENFit tube you will be able to continue to use it with adaptors until the tube needs to be replaced when your feeding tube is replaced it will be with an ENFit tube.
9. What if the company that supplies the feed and sets change?
That won t matter as all companies will be changing to the new ENFit connector and will have sets that fit every feeding tube.
10. Will we have to change the way we get our tubes and supplies?
You will continue to get your supplies in your usual way and the changes will be introduced automatically. Each company will automatically substitute with ENFit if an obsolete code is used during the introductory period. Your Healthcare provider and professional are working with the companies that deliver your supplies to ensure you are able to continue to use your tube to feed.
11. What will my Healthcare provider be doing now to make sure I have the right equipment?
Each Healthcare provider is working closely with the feed company to make sure training and information is available for you.
12. When will the current sets and tubes run out?
That will differ depending on the stock each Healthcare Provider or feed company has to use up, but adaptors will be available for some time to ensure you are always able to use your tube.
13. How will button tubes be affected by this change?
The button tubes will continue to be used in the same way. The new extension sets will have the new ENFit connector. Adapters will be made available if needed to allow connection with a non-ENFit syringe the connector that attaches the extension/feeding set to the button will not change only.
14. Will adaptors be available separately?
Adaptors will be supplied by your homecare delivery company. Please contact your Health care professional for further information.
15. Where can I get more information?
Please contact your local Health Care Provider that you would normally contact about your tube or feed.

To read the full document please click here

Please be aware that if you have any problems or questions regarding the change to enteral tubes that you should contact your homecare provider or nutrition team for more information.


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