Calling all healthcare professionals


PINNT s Virtual Nutrition Team
(Medical Advisory Board)
We are a patient support group who support people while they adapt and learn how to live while receiving artificial nutrition at home. Normal no longer applies but life goes on.


PINNT is often required to provide input from both the patient s viewpoint and the wider context on all aspects of artificial nutrition to government, agencies, organisations, families, and individuals. Additional expert input can enhance the credibility, quality and reach of any PINNT material and can ensure that everyone receiving or involved in artificial nutrition therapy receives the most up to date quality information.

What will the Virtual Nutrition Team do?

PINNT wishes to appoint a multi-disciplinary group of healthcare professionals (HCPs) - the Virtual Nutrition Team (VNT) - who can work as a team or individually to provide advice and information to, and for use by, the charity to respond to generic enquiries from members and the public on matters concerning the policy and practice of artificial nutrition therapy.

The VNT will also be asked to provide input to the charity s own reports, letters and points of view, and to contribute to the charity s responses to consultations, external reports and media coverage. Members of the VNT will also have the potential to participate in proactive media communications if they wish.

The VNT will be convened, if deemed necessary by the VNT chair and the executive committee, to meet face-to-face as an Expert Group, or Advisory Panel, to debate and discuss a current hot topic, and to exchange views on PINNT s priorities and plans should the need arise. Where a face-to-face VNT meeting is required, PINNT will provide refreshments during/following the meeting. Depending on the subject matter, only those VNT members relevant may be required to meet. As PINNT has limited resources, the charity will ask VNT members to fund their own travel to these meetings, but will cover these costs if required.

How will the VNT work?

The VNT will for the most part work virtually ; that is PINNT will communicate via email with members, forwarding enquiries and requests with clear instructions regarding the brief and deadlines. Appropriate lead times will be provided for responses to reports for example. However responses to media enquiries may have short deadlines.

The names of members of PINNT s VNT will appear on the PINNT website and in the charity s materials and reports, but no names will be ascribed to responses provided to individual enquiries. VNT members responding to media enquiries on PINNT s behalf may be named as appropriate with the permission of that member.

No one VNT member will be required to respond to more enquiries than they consider reasonable, or at times when they have advised their non-availability. PINNT will work sympathetically with all members on their work loads.


PINNT wishes to appoint a cross section of HCP s involved with nutritional support. We are an inclusive charity for adults, children, enteral and parenteral patients so we need to ensure we cover all bases. One person may be able to represent a discipline and possible expert group. Where necessary we may appoint more than one expert per relevant category. The exact size of the VNT has yet to be determined. We do not want to turn away a genuine offer of help which could enhance the work of our charity. We may also, from time to time, bring in ad hoc people for specific topics or projects. We also wish to ensure we have all nations represented.

Term of Office

PINNT will invite individuals to join the VNT for an initial one year term which can be renewed up to a maximum of 5 years. The yearly term will run concurrently with the calendar year i.e. January to December. We are delighted to announce that Dr Barry Jones will be the Chair of the VNT.

Next steps

If you have the relevant expertise and you are keen to support PINNT members and patients, without having to offer a large time commitment given already busy schedules then, think about registering your interest as a member of the Virtual Nutrition Team we would love to hear from you.

Send an email to: providing the following information:
  • Name, address, email
  • Current position and workplace
  • A summary paragraph detailing why you think you would be an ideal member of PINNT s VNT

If you would like to discuss this with either Carolyn Wheatley, Chair PINNT or Dr Barry Jones, VNT Chair please let us know.

All expressions of interest should be received by PINNT by Friday 9th January 2015 but the sooner the better


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