CME Medical go the extra mile to support PINNT


Thanks to Bupa Home Healthcare Daniel is able to say thank you to PINNT for supporting his sister Kim. CME Medical have also signed up to support PINNT during this event . They have provided full TPN kit for Daniel to run with during his historic one mile run in London on 24th May 2014.

Local Reading man, Daniel Isaiew is competing in the Bupa Westminster Mile on Saturday 24th May to highlight the plight of his sister Kim, who relies on the CME Medical BodyGuard 323™ Ambulatory Infusion Pump to deliver her daily nutrient intake as a result of a chronic stomach condition, gastroparesis. Daniel will also be raising funds for PINNT (Patients on Intravenous and Naso-Gastric Nutrition Therapy) to thank the charity for the practical advice and emotional support given to Kim since her diagnosis.

Gastroparesis is a chronic condition in which the stomach is unable to empty in its usual way, known as delayed emptying or paralysis of the stomach. This happens when the nerves to the stomach are damaged or the muscles of the stomach and the intestines don t work normally. 37 year old Kim Kenny was first diagnosed with the condition in 2009, followed by intestinal failure in 2011. The condition can affect anyone, at any age. It is a known complication in diabetes through poor control of sugar levels, but many people without diabetes can suffer as a result of surgical procedures or conditions such as viral illness and ME. Doctors believe that Kim s condition is linked to an illness called Mitochondrial Neurogastrointestinal Encephalopathy (MNGIE).

While there is currently no cure, and some patients manage gastroparesis through diet and medication alone, there are a number of additional treatment options available. In Kim s case, she is unable to eat or drink normally at all and needs Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), whereby liquid nutrients are pumped into her body through a tube every day.

Whilst Kim still suffers with chronic nausea, vomiting, pain and fatigue (symptoms which are so debilitating that she is no longer able to work) Kim describes TPN as a lifeline that has given me back some quality of life . Kim relies on the BodyGuard 323™, a small, light-weight, quiet and discreet pump to deliver her medication, which she carries in a pink rucksack, available in different colours, which enables patients to both live independently and express their own personality.

Daniel will complete the run wearing a duplicate version of Kim s pink TPN rucksack, donated by CME Medical, to raise awareness of conditions which require this treatment and underline the impact that it has on patient s daily lives.

Daniel comments, I decided to take part in the Westminster Mile as a thank you to PINNT for the support they offer my sister. Talking to other people who live with parenteral nutrition is essential for Kim to be able to cope on a daily basis, and PINNT is able to offer this support network as well as practical advice and information. For just this one day, I will be carrying the TPN kit during the run to highlight what my sister and many others go through every day, through the need to sustain life, not through choice.

Kim adds, My brother and family have always been there for me, supporting me through some very difficult times recently with my health. PINNT has helped me to cope with a smile on my face, and I m really looking forward to watching Daniel in the race as well as cheering on all the charity s runners. Daniel is aiming to raise hundreds of pounds for charity so please support him if you can so that PINNT can help more people like me.

John Carrington, Managing Director at CME Medical comments, While we know that infusion pumps such as the CME Medical BodyGuard 323™ can have a positive impact on patients quality of life, living with artificial nutrition has a huge impact on daily routine and specialist support is vital. That s why we re delighted to be involved with PINNT in this and many other fundraising activities. Daniel s run is a fantastic way to raise awareness of quality of life issues for patients receiving artificial nutrition and we hope that people really get behind him to help him to reach his fundraising target.

PINNT is a support network for people receiving artificial nutrition. To make a donation to support Daniel s run for PINNT please visit

CME Medical is also supporting the Bupa Home Healthcare Charity Ball in aid of PINNT on Saturday 11th October 2014 at The Abbey Hotel and Spa, Hither Green Lane, Redditch, Worcestershire. To book a ticket to the ball, email pinntevent or call 07507 892078.


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