£500 for PINNT


On 26th May 2013 Team PINNT took part in the Bupa Westminster one mile run

One of team PINNT, Jasmine, ran with a modified PN rucksack on her back to demonstrate the challenges people on HPN face. We didn't want a plain rucksack, we wanted something that would stand out in the crowd. As the lead time for the race was fairly tight we needed to contact a company who could develop our idea as quickly as possible. We contacted Inspiration Healthcare who then spoke with Micrel. Within a matter of days we had images of a pink rucksack with a clear front panel - exactly what we requested.

The race organisers agreed to the rucksack being worn by Jasmine on the proviso that she started the race towards the back. Through the clear panel you could see the pump, battery and fluid container. A short distance with the kit but one which demonstrated daily life on HPN (although not everyone runs a mile with it).

By way of support for both PINNT and Jasmine Inspiration Healthcare made a generous donation to PINNT.


The photo shows (from left to right) Jasmine, daughter Isobel and Moira from Inspiration Healthcare. The cheque for £500 was received on behalf of PINNT and Inspiration Healthcare were thanked for their speed in producing the rucksack and for their continued support of PINNT


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