Bodyguard set upgrade


We are able to share information about the set upgrade from CME Medical Ltd, UK.
The change to the set involves the introduction of a second key which is a development by the manufacturer to make the correct loading of the set into the pump easier, and was based on feedback directly from nurses, patients and KOLs, and was developed post the 2011 LITRE review. It has been used in a number of other clinical applications (epidural and PCA) for some time and has proven to be a success. The second key is however not a solution to the recent under-infusion issues we have experiencing in the HPN arena, the root-cause analysis of this issue is on-going with the manufacturer in Israel, as soon as we have a full understanding we will share the information with you.

The current single key set has been in use for many years, with in excess of
600,000 successful infusions delivered each year, the development of the second key is a product enhancement which will enable even simpler operation of the device in the future.

If you have any issues or concerns about sets you may receive please contact your homecare supplier or your own healthcare professionals.

You should not contact CME Medical directly - they do not have clinical responsibility for you!



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