BAPEN Principles of Good Nutrition Practice


As part of our on-going commitment to improve levels of care for those at risk of malnutrition in the UK BAPEN have introduced a new Decision Tree resource.

The Decision Trees have been produced by the members of BAPEN Education and Training committee and the Core Groups and associate organisations: BAPEN Medical, BPNG, BSPGHAN, NNNG, PENG, and PINNT and offer a pragmatic and effective tool to assist in the care of those at risk of malnutrition and its consequences. Malnutrition remains all too common in a wide range of care settings including hospitals and the community, and as such has become the responsibility of a wide range of health care professionals in primary and secondary care. While many guidelines exist, the sources are varied, and often too thorough and in-depth for immediate easy use in the care setting. The BAPEN Principles of Good Nutritional Practice has been devised to draw together existing guidelines and evidence base, together with best practice where no research is possible, to produce Decision Trees to help guide all levels of health care professionals through the pathway of care of those with malnutrition.

The Foreword and first six Decision Trees launched are available to download below:

Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy: Diagnosis of Buried Bumper Syndrome Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy: Management of Buried Bumper Syndrome Ethics and clinically assisted nutrition or hydration approaching the end of life Naso Gastric (NG) Tube Insertion Perioperative Nutrition Refeeding Syndrome: Identification of those at risk You can have a look at the decisions trees for yourself, just click here


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