Art attack


How you can help?

As mentioned in the feature kindly written by Sarah Robson in the Autumn Online, page 5, we are seeking your support to help Sarah complete her art attack project in conjunction with PINNT.

Sarah, an art teacher and a HPN patient, finds creating art work to be a form of therapy. It has provided a creative outlet for thoughts and feelings. Recycling used, naturally discarded, (safe) items from medical items has been a positive experience over the past two years. It started with making flowers out of the little paper cups you get your tablets in. Moving on from this Sarah is planning an exhibition of her work using medical items that are safe and would normally be wasted and cannot be used by anyone else.

So how can you help? Sarah s art exhibition is going to be used to promote awareness of people living with home artificial nutrition and the work of PINNT. Sarah needs to acquire as many items as possible in order to get the creative juices flowing and think ahead to her designs. She is able to save her own items that would normally go in the waste but she needs you to help by saving yours and sending them to her. We all welcome your support; if you are going to send items then we suggest one parcel at the end of the collecting period or every four weeks.

What she would like It s the bits and bobs off the ends of giving sets, syringes, curos caps/connectors, container tops from enteral feeds all those clean items you snap off, undo, remove before you feed. Collecting and donating can be done by both TPN/HPN and tube fed patients.

Here are a few examples of items Sarah would like ....


Here is what she is unable to use so please do not send:

· Any syringes that have had drugs/medication in them. Saline flush items are okay
· No Curos/connectors caps that had blood or drugs running through them before they
were changed
· No whole giving sets or feed containers
· Nothing must be new, only collect and send used items
· No glass items or sharps!

Collecting time we ask that you save your items between January March 2015.

Post them to Art Attack PINNT, 15 Blackwell Scar, Darlington, Co. Durham, DL3 8DL.

Please put in a note to say where you have saved the items from, tube feeding or TPN/HPN products, thank you.

Please do not send to PINNT or ask your homecare supplier to take them, they can only be donated via this address.


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