Ambix Activ giving set upgrade


Ambix Activ giving set
Calea are launching brand new and improved giving sets for the Ambix Activ. The main difference is a new GVS filter which will make it easier to prime. You will start to receive the new sets in the following weeks. In the meantime please continue to use the existing sets.
A new filter (GVS) will replace the existing filter (Pall) The performance of the filter remains the same as well as the pore size (1,2μm). Please see below for the new priming instructions.
Changed priming procedure of the Ambix activ Sets with the new GVS filter
One step of the priming procedure changes with the new GVS filter and that is the way the filter needs to be held while priming the set. While the Pall filter was held downwards, the GVS filter needs to be held upwards. Below is a snapshot of the different filling procedures illustrated in the new IFUs.

New giving sets will come to you via your usual delivery system; if you have old sets you can use this up and new sets will flow through as part of your routine stock updates. 

If you have any queries please contact your own homecare supplier or your nutrition team/healthcare professionals.


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