1st World Home Artificial Nutrition (HAN) Day


The 1st World Home Artificial Nutrition (HAN) Day has been declared for this Sunday, 15th October 2017.

Please see PACIFHAN’s media release below and 

PINNT is a founding member of PACIFHAN.
 PACIFHAN celebrates the 1st World Home Artificial Nutrition (HAN) Day
15th October 2017

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” ― Aristotle 

Did you know there are people living with medical conditions that stop them from eating or absorbing food in the usual way?  These people (including children) depend on artificial nutrition going either directly to their blood stream through a catheter (Parenteral Nutrition – PN) or to their intestine through a tube (Enteral Nutrition – EN).
PACIFHAN is the International Alliance of Patient Organisations for Chronic Intestinal Failure and Home Artificial Nutrition.  Currently, there are nine patient organisations covering ten countries worldwide.
Country Approximate Number
of HAN Consumers
National Organisation
Australia and New Zealand 250 – 300 (HPN) PNDU
Czech Republic 270 (HPN) Pivots bez strove
Denmark 450 – 500 (HPN) HPN Patient
France 2 500 (HPN), 8 000 (HEN) La Vie par un Fil
Italy 3 000 (HPN), 16 440 (HEN) Un filo per la vita
Poland 1 000 (HPN), 2 000 (HEN) Apetyt na zycie
Sweden 270 (HPN), 4 000 (HEN) Svenska HPN-föreningen barn & ungloomy
United Kingdom 2 000 (HPN), 30 000 (HEN) PINNT
United States 25 011 (HPN), 437 882 (HEN) Oley Foundation
Together all PACIFHAN member organisations are striving towards six common goals:
  1. To be a trusted international reference on home artificial nutrition (HAN) from the patient’s perspective;
  2. To encourage the exchange of peer reviewed published medical-scientific information related to HAN;
  3. To assist HAN patients who wish to travel/stay abroad to seek guidance through the member association in  the destination country affiliated with the international organization;
  4. To organize an annual general meeting that will be attended by a representative of each member association;
  5. To increase awareness of HAN;
  6. To improve the quality of life of HAN patients.
Help us celebrate the 1st World HAN Day by sharing this message with others.  You can also visit our website on www.pacifhan.org.


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