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Homecare issues

We are hearing that some of you are still having on going issues with Calea in respect of the delivery of feeds and ancillaries as well as the introduction of Polarspeed. There are also rumours that Polarspeed are being replaced which are incorrect.

To date Calea have been working with the referral units, and directly with patients, to gauge a better understanding of the issues patients and the families have been experiencing. They have also, where invited, held patient days to hear directly from those experiencing the on going problems. Everyone s issues are personal and they vary, thankfully some people have had no problems at all.

Calea can only hold patient days where they are invited and to date the meetings that PINNT have attended have been beneficial for all concerned. Calea gave a frank and open explanation of the issues also demonstrating where the improvements have been made. There are still aspects that are not fully resolved. A lot of work has been put in to try and resolve these issues but we are aware that there are some still taking place.

It is helpful to discuss these issues with friends and fellow patients but the people who need to know exactly what is going on is Calea.

To this end PINNT has worked with Calea to provide you with a dedicated email address where you can send your personal experiences directly to them.

Please do contact them about your own care, or your child s. They are keen to help and get this service back to its usual standard.

Calea has been the first to admit their errors and in order for them to continue to resolve outstanding problems they need to hear from you.

Everyone appreciates the stress and upset this has caused for those patients and their families who have been affected, homecare is difficult enough without additional problems hampering a complex treatment.

Help Calea to strive to get it right; do email them on: homecare.tpnuk



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