Are you a carer for someone on enteral nutrition?

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University College London (UCL) are looking for patient to get involved with a new project; CARE-ERRS

This project is intended to capture the experiences of carers of people who use feeding pumps in the home.

1. Have you cared for an older person who uses or used an enteral feeding pump in the home in the past 3 years.
2. Would you like to share your ideas of what is important to you and your community.

If you answered yes to these questions, the team would welcome your involvement.

The team would like:

1. 5-7 carers for their advisory panel to advise them on: (a) the survey they are constructing (i.e. what questions are interesting, appropriate and how they need to be worded); and (b) how the survey results should be interpreted (i.e. what results are most interesting, are there any concerns, and how can these results be best disseminated).

This is intended to make sure that the survey is relevant and interesting to carers before it is sent out.

2. Expression of interest to complete the survey aimed at cerers experience of caring for someone that uses or has used an enteral feeding pump.

CARE-ERRS is interested in the errors people make, the strategies/tips/tricks you develop to avoid errors and manage enteral feeding well, and any issues you have experienced with the devices and giving medication (e.g. alarms disturbing sleep, blockages in tubes, crushing pills, lack of support, lack of training, etc.)

The team would like to understand these sorts of issues further so the design of devices, services and medication practices can be improved.

£50 will be offered for each stage of the project, so a one-off payment of £100 as a thank you for your involvement.

In addition all those who complete the survey will be entered into a prize draw which will offer 18 prizes:

1 x £100
2 x £50
5 x £20
10 x £10

These prizes will be paid in vouchers.

For more information please contact Dominic Furniss at f.furniss or 020 7679 7085

You can download the official flyer for this project here

PINNT are not conducting or involved in this study and any involvement by our members is at the discretion of the members themselves.


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