Day 2 - Peter

Enteral Patient

I was born in the North East of England 53 years ago, currently living in South Birmingham. Before my health problems began I worked in catering and hotel management.

I am fed via a gastrostomy tube as a result of a catalogue of medical problems including meningitis, a brain stem abscess and a stroke; which all occurred one after the other in quick succession. The stroke left me with paralysis down my right side and the inability to swallow.

It has taken time to recover and to adjust to this new way of life but as I told a psychiatrist who asked me how I felt about never being able to eat and drink again; "well it is better than being dead!" I don’t let things stop me and I am determined to try and continue to live life in a positive way. I even completed two sponsored walks for the Stroke Association with help from my support worker. I have travelled to Stockholm for my nephew’s wedding and even been on a Norway and Baltic Cruise, both in accessible cabins; two amongst others. My philosophy is "There is no point being angry about the situation as it changes NOTHING!"

My one wish: To simply continue to receive efficient and effective service from my homecare team.

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