Day 7 - My ironic life! - Paul’s story

I have been on parenteral nutrition (PN) since January 2007 following an illness that I contracted from a fish parasite, which resulted in me having all my intestines removed. I have gone from seven nights a week PN to five, which is nice as it gives me two nights off to do other things. I am married to Sue, a Baptist Minister, we have two sons, both married and one grandson.

I work four days a week (trying to cut down to three) as the head of operations of a factory for a global food manufacturing company, which is a bit ironic really as I really don’t need to eat! I have always travelled a lot and have continued to do so despite being on PN; I am fortunate enough to be able to use multi-chamber bags when travelling. I have been to Australia for four weeks, which turned out to be a bit of hassle as I hadn’t catered for small internal flights with all my feeds at the beginning of the holiday. I have enjoyed cruises, which have got to be the easiest way to travel with PN. I always try and have a week in the sun or skiing at the beginning of the year. This year I have bought a touring van and will be travelling around Europe in August.

I enjoy gardening, walking, cooking, especially for the family at Christmas (again a bit ironic) and obviously travelling. My advice for anyone starting off on PN is that although it is now part of your life, don’t let it rule your life, try not to give up what you have always enjoyed, if possible.

HAN Week