Day 6 - I feel so lucky - Tracy’s Story

I have a truly remarkable husband, David, one daughter, Lisa, a son-in-law, Ian, and the loves of my life, my three grandchildren, Lewis 17, Ryan 16, and my little princess Olivia, 12. I also have my little friend pops - a cocker spaniel. Everyone has been there to love and support me. How did one girl get to be so lucky!

I’ve been on parenteral nutrition (PN) for 20 years, after being very ill. Initially the doctors were unable to find the problem; I had test after test and was put on enteral feed, which was of no help.

Finally, I was diagnosed with Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome and Neuropathic Small Bowel Pseudo-obstruction.

I was a very busy lady at the time, with a young daughter, and all I wanted was to feel well and get on with things and enjoy my life. At that point I never thought it would be possible, but then I met an amazing lady – Carolyn - who could relate to how I was feeling. She is the Chair of PINNT – a great charity, but first and foremost she is my friend! And I have been able to join the PINNT Committee to support others.

I am now able to benefit from home artificial nutrition (HAN) because my condition and treatment is stable and controlled. I’m not saying it’s easy, far from it, personally I believe mind over matter can make a big difference! Having medical conditions isn’t something I’m pleased about, nor having PN but I can’t change it, I’ve learnt to live with it and enjoy what I can do rather than what I can’t do.

As a society, things are changing so rapidly; in the past we would get PINNT magazine and read stories of different people’s life, and different area groups (all still available). Nowadays most things are done by social media, which obviously has its positive side, but also a lot of negativity, which I really do get upset over.

I really love being part of PINNT, as I can help others to the best of my ability. A lot of things I get asked I have been through myself.

HAN Week