Getting ready for HAN Week 2021


Home Artificial Nutrition Awareness (HAN) Week: 2 - 8 August 2021; a week dedicated to raising awareness about essential nutritional treatments; parenteral nutrition, enteral nutrition and oral supplements.

Life-saving nutrition treatments received by people living at home in the community - not in a hospital.

Below you can find out how to get involved and what PINNT has planned for 2021.

People on HAN/carer/parent, why not tell your/your child’s personal story?

  • Write a short piece about your personal experience or make a video. Please keep relevant to raising awareness. You can share it on social media, contact a local radio show or newspaper and tell them about the life-saving treatment that provides your/your child's nutrition and hydration.
  • Explain how you/your child 'eat and drink' in a different way.
  • Whilst sharing this, try to offer some positive messages that may trigger interest; have you/they achieved personal goals, returned to work/school/education, fulfilled a dream or beaten all the odds and returned home to the life you craved? 
  • Be prepared to be interviewed or take further questions.
  • Attach some photos to depict your story, select images carefully.
  • Tell them you are part of a wider campaign and send/attach or use the HAN logo, which you can find below.
  • If you are a carer/parent/partner of someone on HAN; tell your story too! You are vital to the day-to-day lives of those on HAN. It affects you too!
 Plan a fundraising/education event:
  • If you wish to set up a fundraising event during HAN Week that would be great and very much appreciated! It could be a personal or group event - the decision is yours.
  • Fundraising does not always need to be about large sums of money, aim small – use a fundraising event as part of raising awareness. You could use a social media platform to share your story and ask people to support a quiz night, a meet up or a bring and buy sale, for example.
  • Education about home artificial nutrition fits nicely into the awareness bracket. Possibly ‘show’ people what it is and how it works.
  • Whatever you do make it fun and encourage participants to ask questions. If you host any kind of event around your feeding, keep things simple so that people are engaged; remember feeding can be fun!
 HAN week:
  • Keep an eye on the PINNT website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feed where PINNT will share all its activities.
  • Be proactive and share PINNT posts from the Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.
  • Donate your Facebook profile photo to support HAN week – you will find this on PINNT’s Facebook page mid-July.
  • Donate your time to following the week’s events; money is not the only way to support HAN week.
  • Join in with the competitions and other events, be part of the PINNT family during an important week.

Home artificial nutrition (HAN) involves many people and many processes. Each interaction is vital to the end delivery of feeding solutions and products. If you are a healthcare professional, an industry partner or colleague, or an associated professional group then we encourage you to share your experiences with HAN.

  •  Join in by promoting your role with HAN.
  • You make a big difference to our members; you are a vital role to the bigger picture of HAN!
  • We need you; we value you and we seek your support during HAN week.
  • Tell people all about your role; prepare information to share amongst colleagues or host a social media event to ask colleagues to share contributions too. Use HAN week to recognise how you play a vital role in the overall delivery of HAN.
  • Be creative – think about an awareness event to challenge colleagues, sharing more about HAN or possibly share insight into how it may be for a person on HAN.
  • Plan an educational event within your own company: do your employees truly understand what your product or service does for people on HAN? Use HAN Week to share great insight for them.
  • HAN Week is not a product/service promotion event but… do share how your product/service links to people on HAN and PINNT. Celebrate the products and services we have in the UK and beyond with our international partners. Celebrate your role in supporting people at home on artificial feeding.
Each day will bring different activities or launches. We appreciate everyone will engage on a different level or activity, so we hope to bring a cross section of information, something that should appeal to everyone.

Keep a close eye on the website or social media for daily updates.

What we can share is the following:
  • Ezekiel challenges you to… last year Ezekiel set a challenge for members to set themselves a small challenge, the challenge is set again in 2021!  Remember, our theme is still ‘This is Me’, plus new for 2021 ‘This is Us’. Everyone has different levels of ability, never underestimate what you can do, all too often we see those who run faster, climb higher etc, we celebrate every achievement by an individual on HAN. So, can you set yourself a challenge? There is a template poster to complete if you do. You can download it, complete it, and share it on social media or get in touch with PINNT who can share on your behalf.
  • Gary’s Coast to Coast Kayaking – not put off by his 373-mile off-road cycle challenge, Gary is taking part in a Coast-to-Coast Kayaking event, which kicks off on day 2 of HAN Week. Full information will be given on the website in advance and during the event.
  • ‘This is Me!’ photo competition – this will be announced during HAN week.
  • Donate your Facebook profile photo to PINNT by replacing it with the official ‘This is Me!’ image on Facebook or upload the overlay to show support for HAN week.
  • Themed days - as well as our overall theme of ‘This is Me!’
  • ‘This is Me’ personal profile story – this will be shared at the start of HAN week. 
  • Go Green! Share green hearts, all over social media to support #HANweek2021.
  • NEW PINNT resources for members!
  • Something new as a follow on from Drippy Bear!
  • A PINNT drop-in meeting will happen at some point during the week too….
  • PINNT will be sharing events and news from our PINNT Corporate Partners too.
This is not a complete list of events; other events and activities will be announced – we want to keep a few surprises!


You may be a patient benefiting from it, a spouse/partner supporting someone receiving it, a healthcare professional providing care for someone, an individual who works in the nutrition industry, someone involved in the provision of nutrition solutions, equipment or services - you all have a part in the unique journey and a story to share!

The process for HAN requires input from a wide range of people; each one vital to the delivery of the nutrition solutions and services to people dependent on this life-saving nutrition.

Let's celebrate and be thankful for Home Artificial Nutrition!