BAPEN statement on coronavirus and home parenteral nutrition


Please read this statement - PINNT is a core group of BAPEN, we elected to support this statement in line with the professional groups but not sign as it had implications in terms of medical advice which PINNT cannot provide.
The coronavirus outbreak is a rapidly evolving situation and on the 22nd of March 2020 the Prime Minister issued specific COVID-19 guidance for the most vulnerable people living with chronic illness in the UK. This advised ‘shielding’ measures to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 infection and the risks from COVID-19. The instruction for ‘shielding’ is an enhanced form of self-isolation. Patients receiving HPN were not initially included in the ’shielding’ group, but NHS England have updated their advice on 29 March to include HPN patients. BAPEN acknowledges that there is a careful balance to strike to ensure we get the risk stratification right so as to not restrict too many individuals while ensuring the most vulnerable people are protected during the COVID-19 health emergency. The approach taken by patients receiving HPN may vary according to personal circumstances - we would encourage patients to discuss this with their Nutrition Team. The government’s advice is clear that support from family members and carers for essential care should continue. Although HPN patients are now included in the NHS England ’shielding’ category, these patients are not currently included in the government’s official shielding list. BAPEN would therefore encourage all patients receiving HPN to register themselves on the government website: so they can be considered for additional support.