HAN Week 2024


Home Artificial Nutrition Awareness (HAN) Week: 5-11 August 2024; a week dedicated to raising awareness about essential nutritional treatments; parenteral and enteral feeding and oral supplements.

Make some noise on your socials, in your work place and amongst friends and family to share information this vital therapy.  Show feeding beyond the home; it may be a home therapy but it should not confine people!


What’s in store...

5 - 11 August 2024 - Theme: Working Together

Full information and resources will be uploaded over the coming days.

To aid your planning there will be daily themes which are applicable to those living with a feeding tube or catheter, those who have oral supplements, as well as healthcare professionals, industry partners, carers and service providers.
Days 1 – 6 of awareness week we will address aspects of life on artificial nutrition; living with a feeding tube. Some will be personal to you or your loved one, and others will relate to you being part of PINNT’s community, those who work within it, along with how PINNT works with various bodies and associations.

Day 7 will be a recognition of how all these teams, networks and aspects of HAN allow #thisisme and #thisisus

Overall we are making #workingtogether
  • Day 1: With my personal network Family, friends, colleagues, partner, carers...
  • Day 2: With my homecare teamHomecare company, homecare nurses,  products/services
  • Day 3: With my community services Home Enteral Nutrition Support teams, GP, district nurses, paid carers…
  • Day 4: With hospital team(s) Nutrition team, clinical team…
  • Day 5: With PINNT’s networkNCHA, BAPEN, NNNG, PENG, BPNG, patient groups, research,  teams/networks PINNT partner with…
  • Day 6:  With team PINNT: Trustees, EC, Ambassadors: Regional groups, the people, the leaders, the supporters…
  • Day 7:  Celebrate*: #thisisme #thisisus
 *how it all comes together to make homecare, healthcare and HAN possible. It doesn’t mean we are celebrating poor health, illness and the challenges it brings but the opportunity it gives us.

Feel free to use all or some of the resources below to support your engagement during HAN Week 2024



You may be a patient benefiting from it, a spouse/partner supporting someone receiving it, a healthcare professional providing care for someone, an individual who works in the nutrition industry, someone involved in the provision of nutrition solutions, equipment or services - you all have a part in the unique journey and a story to share!

Home artificial nutrition requires input from a wide range of people; each one vital to the production, monitoring, delivery of the nutrition solutions and services to people dependent on this life-saving nutrition.

We know it doesn't always go smoothly but if we are honest the provision of home artificial nutrition is one that should be celebrated ~ it's a lifeline to thousands of people.