HAN Week 2023


Home Artificial Nutrition Awareness (HAN) Week: 7-13 August 2023; a week dedicated to raising awareness about essential nutritional treatments; parenteral nutrition, enteral nutrition and oral supplements.

Make some noise on your socials, in your work place and amongst friends and family to share information about artificial feeding. Show feeding beyond the home; it may be a home therapy but it should not confine people!

Your mission this week is to:



  • Value yourself and the effort you put into your own care and treatment. If you care for or support someone on HAN, you should be equally valued.
  • The provision of home artificial nutrition (HAN) in the UK, our dedicated healthcare professionals and homecare services. 
  • Value the contribution you make as a healthcare professional, service or product supplier; making a difference to those living on HAN.


  • If you receive HAN or care for and support someone who does;  what's your story, share it with people to educate them, not for sympathy but understanding.
  • Do you provide a product or service that supports people on HAN? Tell people what and why it's important to those on HAN!
  • Are you a professional group who campaign or advocate for people on HAN? If so, share how and why you do this. You could encourage others to show an interest in artificial nutrition.
  • Where do you fit into the world of HAN? It's an intricate treatment with many elements that make the whole system function; share this with others.


  • Engage with family, friends and colleagues, directly or via social media platforms to spread the word that HAN is vital for thousands of people in the UK to sustain life via special medical nutrition being prescribed when the normal route of eating and drinking is compromised.
  • When you find the right opportunity, explain who you are, what you do and why. More people need to hear the balanced perspective of HAN, it's not always plain sailing and despite common treatments the vast number of conditions people have and are treated for, bring a variety of situations which for some are challenging on a daily basis.
  • Be receptive to the pros and cons of HAN.

Lifesaving, life-changing home treatments! Similar treatments, for different reasons with varying impact on those receiving it and supporting people on it.  

Daily activities will take place during the week - keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter: @PINNTcharity 

Life-saving nutrition treatments received by people living at home in the community - not in a hospital.

Find our more from each of the four sections below:

  • Be creative! If you have an idea that does not appear here; that doesn't mean you can't do it! We encouarge you to take part in any way that makes you feel good and able to share your story, engage with others and spread the word!
  • Download a #thisisme or a #thisisus poster and complete it. You can share this with friends, family, colleagues either directly or on social media platforms.
  • Make a video: Show people what you use and why. Make it interesting and fun, not too medical.
  • Consider being in the spotlight as a featured PINNT member: If you would like to be a featured member during HAN Week 2023, then please let us know. Person on feeding, carers or individual involved via a company or service provider.
  • Request a building be lit up for HAN Week: If you have a council building, local monument or local attraction, write and ask if they offer the opportunity to have the building/monument lit green during HAN Week. See template letter below.
  • Outstanding Achievement Award HAN Week:  A special award for an individual or group who raise awareness about home artificial nutrition, in terms of their own treatment and what is involved, or how a product or service can make a difference. This award is based on the engagement it brings, how much awareness was achieved and how the awareness increased people's knowledge of home artificial nutrition. We have to know about your activity so ensure you tag us into social media activities or email information to us.
  • Organise an event: Host an event with friends, family and colleagues. Show your treatment, all that's involved or organise an event at work to share with colleagues how you fit into wider picture of home artificial nutrition.
  • Contact local media or radio station: If you are happy to raise awareness about your condition and your artificial nutrition, why not contact local outlets to see if they would use our story for viewers and listeners. In advance of offering your story, write it down, list key points and be prepared to share medical details and possibly photographs. Draft a starting point, middle and end point of your story. Mention pros and cons of your story. Try to end of a positive note to ensure those listening or reading it remember how it is supporting your life.
  • Fund raising: How about organising a small fund raising event to help PINNT? Sell unwanted items, a coffee/tea morning, walking, cycling, creating or crafting - anything that you feel comfortable with.
HAN Week
  • Donate your Facebook profile photo upload a photo of you with your feed or using the HAN Week logo to support HAN Week 2023.
  • Competitions: Keep an eye out for the competitions that will be announced. 
HAN Week 2023 will have familiar activities along with a few twists!
  • We hope to have one of our PINNT groups holding their first meeting following COVID during HAN Week 2023
  • A survey will be launched, more info will follow nearer the time
  • #thisisme and #thisisus will be familiar features for everyone to be part of
  • Competitions
  • Prizes to be won
  • While artificial feeding is essential for people, it isn't all about the routine, procedures and illness(es). People on HAN have lives, interests, hobbies, family, friends, education and holidays to fit it as well as the feeds and medical stuff!
  • #verify
Challenge Gary hopefully with a twist! Gary is nil by mouth and fuelled by enteral nutrition. He likes to take part in ultra challenges and finds these activities support his well-being and mental health. Gary is the first to admit they obviously are not for everyone. He encourages people to find what makes them feel good and focus on taking time out to focus on themselves. 

The Tracy Hill Patient Champion Award

To be awarded during HAN Week 2023.

Award criteria: It can be an individual, a team or establishment who has championed the cause of an individual or group of people on home artificial nutrition, and related directly to the treatment, personal goals and ambitions while on home artificial nutrition i.e., someone/group who has/have gone the extra mile.

To find out more along with the nomination form on Survey Monkey, please click here.


Keep a close eye on social media for competitions that will be announced during HAN Week.
  • #HANWeek
  • #verify
  • #fuelledbymedicalnutrition
  • #freedomtofeed
  • #thisisme
  • #thisisus

You may be a patient benefiting from it, a spouse/partner supporting someone receiving it, a healthcare professional providing care for someone, an individual who works in the nutrition industry, someone involved in the provision of nutrition solutions, equipment or services - you all have a part in the unique journey and a story to share!

Home artificial nutrition requires input from a wide range of people; each one vital to the production, monitoring, delivery of the nutrition solutions and services to people dependent on this life-saving nutrition.

We know it doesn't always go smoothly but if we are honest the provision of home artificial nutrition is one that should be celebrated ~ it's a lifeline to thousands of people.


Feel free to use all or some of the resources below to support your engagement during HAN Week 2023

#thisisme template- share your name, condition, type of feeding along with any facts your want to share. Consider adding some pros and cons of your feeding.

#thisisus template - share your name/company name, share how you fit into the world of HAN, what you produce or provide. Consider adding why and how your support help, produce or service helps people on HAN.