There are a number of different ways that members, their families, other individuals and companies can donate much needed resources to PINNT. 

Drippy Bear Offer

Historically Drippy Bear has been a link to welcome children and family members into PINNT, but we soon realised he is loved by everyone.

PINNT has grown considerably over the past few years. More people are aware of the work we do as well as the support we offer to people on home artificial nutrition. The number of people on enteral and/or parenteral nutrition supporting PINNT is incredible. Unfortunately, despite demand, Drippy Bear is not able to be everywhere to give the love and hugs to everyone he wants to and so Drippy has reached out to his family and recruited a new family team to make sure he can be with everyone who needs him.

Drippy has high standards for the new recruits to live up to, so in 2013, the PINNT University began a new degree program to train new PINNT Bears. Each Bear has been educated to the level that Drippy Bear has achieved. He has made sure that the new team are able to provide all the things Drippy knows are vital:

  • Lots of hugs to make you feel better when you are unwell or poorly.
  • To be a loyal companion; travelling everywhere you go; be it the park, cinema or on holiday.
  • To make sure that you never feel lonely, because your Bear will always be there for you.

PINNT is pleased to say that the first class of the ‘Drippy Bear Degree’ have just graduated and are ready to be officially recognised as part of the PINNT Bear family.

At intervals throughout the year a new set of Bear students will go through the course and graduate into the Drippy Bear family and be available for you to buy, but for now we have 144 new PINNT Bear graduates eager to meet new PINNT members. They are ready to give the love, support and hugs that you need.

To get one of this years’ 144 limited bears, just click on the button below and follow the instructions for shipping and payment information. Steve will be happy to carefully package up your special bear and get it to you within 10 days of receiving your completed application (posted within the United Kingdom. You will be contacted regarding postage outside the UK).

Each PINNT Bear package costs £15.99 (which includes P&P) and comes with the background of the PINNT bear, his own special adoption certificate, for you to sign making him officially yours, his limited edition registration number and his own personal travel log, so that you can write down all the places you both visit.

PINNT asks that once you receive your Bear that you provide him/her with a name and let us know what name you have given him. To do this just go to and select go to registration. Now just complete the simple form (edition number is on your certificate), or email Steve at If you would like to do this by phone please contact the registrar on 0191 499 0585 or 07500 871 547.


As all PINNT Bears have spent months studying with Drippy Bear, they are keen to travel (which they love), so PINNT have included a travel log for you to complete, listing all of the places your Bear visits with you, even if it is to school, university or shopping, they would love to go along with you.  Each Bear is just the right size to make taking them along easy for you. We can assure you that all PINNT Bears travel well.

One special Bear was selected to test out a flight, car, coach and train – we are pleased to report no travel sickness was experienced. We cannot testify about jetlag yet – we hope you can update us on that if your Bear takes a long-haul flight.

Distance shouldn’t be an issue for all our PINNT Bears. PINNT and Drippy Bear himself would love to see where you anda your bear have been travelling to, so why not upload your picture of the two of you (or more people with everyones permission) on your travels to Drippy’s own Facebook page at, or email them to Steve at and he will upload them for you. If you take your PINNT Bear to a clinic or hospital appointments why not ask your healthcare professionals to pose with your PINNT Bear too – again, do send us a photo.

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Data Protection Act
PINNT is a registered Data Controller as defined within the Data Protection Act 1998 in relation to the processing of information we hold about you. 

The Act provides that upon request you are entitled to receive details of this information. We do not share any details within any third parties without prior consent.

If you wish to request a copy of this information, please write to:  The Data Protection Officer, PINNT, PO Box 3126, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 2XS