Virgin Money Giving

The easy and cost effective way to raise money online

Virgin Money is a fantastic website where you can set up your own fundraising page to pass to your friends, family and colleagues.
Virgin Money Giving sends your donations straight to us and reclaims Gift Aid* automatically on your behalf. £12.46 will reach us for every £10 you donate.** Follow these really simple steps to create your own fundraising page in just ten minutes.
  1. Go to and click ‘start fundraising’.
  2. Select the type of fundraising activity you’re doing.
  3. Either search for an event you’re taking part in, or enter the details of your fundraising activity.
  4. Pick us as your charity and set your fundraising target.
  5. Create your account and choose the address for your page.
  6. Personalise your page with your story, photos and more

10 ways to squeeze more out of your fundraising page

Tell a story - Take every opportunity to tell people why you’re doing what you’re doing. Keep people coming back - Treat your Virgin Money Giving
page like a blog - add photos and updates whenever you can.

Make it personal - Tailor your emails and text messages asking for sponsorship - and don’t forget to send out thank you messages afterwards.

Start close to home - Ask your closest (and most generous) friends and family to sponsor you first - you may find other people match their donations.

Talk to your charity - They might be able to give you stuff to use on your page or on letters, flyers and posters promoting your event.

Get Gift Aid - Encourage your sponsors to give Gift Aid - it adds money to their donations without costing them any more.

Don’t leave your fundraising at home - Promote your fundraising around work or school - use posters, flyers, message boards and the intranet.

Spread the word using social media - Sites like Facebook and Twitter are free, easy to use and reach a large audience.

It’s never too late - Keep asking people to sponsor you, even after you’ve finished your event.

Don’t forget to customise your Virgin Money Giving page:
  • Add the photo gallery feature and share snaps of your fundraising.
  • Personalise your page with your own content and links.
  • Link up with your Facebook page.
Virgin Money Giving
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