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If you’ve arrived at this page then you’re thinking of supporting PINNT by doing a sponsored event or challenge to raise money for PINNT – thank you! Whether it's a sponsored run, walk, crawl, silence, skydive, coffee morning or book sale, use this handy guide to help you make the most of it.

1.     Choose your event or challenge and decide on when and where it’s going to happen. If you’re not sure what you can do then take a look at our Fund Raising ideas list, here 
2.     Contact PINNT to inform us of what you are planning to do. We will raise the profile of your event or challenge and get the word out so that more people are aware of what you are doing. The more people that know the more you can raise! You can contact us here
3.     Ask yourself how much money are you hoping to raise? Be brave and set yourself a target. Our experience has shown that people want to help you reach it and you’ll raise more if you do. It’s usually the case where sponsors aim to help you exceed your target so well worth setting a target. Also try to think about how much your effort deserves too!
4.     It’s really easy to set up an online fundraising page so everyone can sponsor you even from a distance. The Virgin Money Giving website is an excellent site to do this and PINNT is already registered with them to make the whole process easier. You can access this page here
Top Tip: If you’re also taking round a physical sponsorship form. Download your sponsorship form here.
5.     Keep talking to your friends and family about what you’re up to and ask them to tell others about your fundraiser. If the event is something they can get involved in, ask them to be a part of it! Don’t be shy in promoting your own efforts.
6.     Get all the details on Facebook and Twitter and any other social media platforms that you use or have access to. Make sure to provide a link to your online sponsorship page, so people can donate easily. Always point out that paper sponsor forms are available for those who do not like or trust web based donating, there are always some and we want you to raise every penny you can.
7.     Don’t forget to mention why raising money for PINNT is so important. For more info on PINNT, the work that we do and how the money you raise will help,
take a look here
8.     On the day of the challenge or event, ask friends and family to help you as much as possible and do money collections if appropriate. Don’t forget to take photos and share on Facebook, tagging our page – PINNT on Facebook . PINNT would love to see the amazing and inspiring fundraising ideas you’ve come up with!
9.     We would love a feature for our magazine Online and the website. If you do not want to write this yourself appoint a friend or colleague, this will ensure it is recorded for all to see. We will help you to do this when you inform us of your fund raising event.
10.  Let us know when the event has been completed and how much you are hoping to collect.
11.  Please pay in all the money you raise as soon as possible, either online or to a bank. We will provide you with the necessary information once you have informed us when your fund raising activity as has been completed in line with point 10.
12.  Last but by no means least – enjoy your event or challenge. While you are doing this for a good cause we want you to remember it and possibly think about what you can do next!

Download a copy of this page here
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