Collecting Pots

collecting-pot-(6).jpgCan you help us by requesting a collecting pot?

This is an ideal way for you to help us gain much needed funds for PINNT, as every penny does counts.

You can display your pot anywhere you think is suitable (and secure) – in the office, at various employment workplaces, in the nursery, university or just at home - the list is endless. You can use it to collect loose change, as part of an organised event or a penalty box (swearing; shouting, being late … it’s only as limited as your imagination).

Here are a few pointers to ensure the terms of you collecting for PINNT are clear and you know how to contact us when it’s full or finished with.
  • If you using the collecting pot(s) for a specific event please notify us as soon as the event is over.
  • If you are using the collection pot(s) for on-going fund raising then it may be worth while checking the pot on a regular basis and decide when to open and total up the money.
Next steps:
  • When you elect to empty the collecting pot(s) ask a friend or colleague to count the money with you to verify the amount raised.
  • Decide how to pay the money to PINNT:
         -    Send a cheque made payable to ‘PINNT’ to:
              PO Box 3126, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 2XS
         -    Pay the money directly into PINNT’s bank account: 

                                    Account Name:       P.I.N.N.T.
                                    Bank:                    Nat West Plc
                                    Account No:           94946213
                                    Sort Code:             52 – 21 - 00
  • When you know how much and which payment method you are using please contact Steve Brown on either of the following. Tel: 0191 597 3216. Email:
  • Decision – if you want to continue collecting for PINNT then please request another pot seal for the top and we will send one to you. If your fund-raising event/collecting is over then please return the pot to: PINNT, 8 Greenrigg, Blaydon, Tyne and Wear NE21 5HY.
Finally in order to inspire other people to support us we would welcome a short story, photographs even, of how you raised the money. With your permission we would use this on our website and in our newsletter, Online.
For any information or questions about PINNT’s collecting pots please contact Steve Brown who will be more than happy to help you  or telephone: 0191 597 3216.
Thank you very much for your support


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