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Jackie Riseborough is your local contact for the Norwich area. She'd love you to get in touch if you'd like a chat or information about current PINNT activity in East Anglia Tel 01263 710774





Group Co-ordinator

Jackie Riseborough

My name is Jackie Riseborough and I've been on TPN for just over 10 years now.

Mine was a complicated reason for being on TPN which resulted in the loss of my entire bowel.

I infuse 5 litres of fluid overnight and even then sometimes have to have an extra litre of saline some days, as I tend to get a little dehydrated due to losing fluid through my gastrostomy - which I understand is quite unique. The gastrostomy is there to allow me to enjoy some foods and drink socially. As I do not absorb anything, what I do eat and drink is lost again through this tube.

Previously I helped run the East Anglia group and have truly benefited from this experience. Having worked with Sylvia Cottee and Tracy Hill in relation to the group I felt it was in good hands for me to spread my wings and take PINNT support to Norwich.

Knowing the benefits of attending a group meeting; I met people who made me feel at home and truly understood how I felt with my condition and feeding, I feel starting a group in Norwich will bring support to more people. I am working with the Nutrition Team at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

I will keep you posted with news and updates from meetings.

Contact Details:

Group Update

Group Update Children had an amazing time in the super play area. Could not ask for more. Anyway, we celebrated with a country and western theme and barbecue. We were entertained by Sean and Andre of ‘Back to Back’ and they were fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone; lots of laughing, clapping and waving of arms. Thank you Sean and Andre; we want you back again!

We had our regular raffle and raised the great sum of £105.00; thank you everyone. A lot of time and work went into our special day and I thank everyone for their help and support in making this day so successful. There were only twenty six of us - sadly there were quite a few who didn’t come, who said they would,- but nevertheless the atmosphere was as if there were fifty or more – a
great afternoon.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to those who donated the meat for the barbecue and John Redman for the fantastic burgers from Riverlane Fish Bar, Gaywood, Kings Lynn and Kevin Edwards of West Lynn Social Club for lovely fresh rolls.

We are going to have a break now and hope to have our next PINNT meeting sometime in May next year.

So watch this space and I will give you all the up to date news of what Norwich Group is up to.

Bye and thanks again for now,

Jackie Riseborough

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