East Anglia

The next Cambridge PINNT Group will meet

on Saturdays 22nd April and 25th November 2017

at 12.30-3.00pm

in the David Dunn Suite,Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge CB2 0QQ

This is a ‘get together’ for people of all ages who need artificial nutrition, with your family or friends; refreshmants will be provided for those able to eat. 

The main aim of the event is to enable you to meet others in a similar situation, for us to tell you a bit about PINNT and for you to be able to offer to each other that extra bit of support that only people who know about feeding at home really understand. As well as plenty of time to chat, we’ll touch on topical issues related to living with artificial feeding

Refreshments will be available, there’ll be a raffle, maybe a fun team quiz too f time permits.  There will be ‘creative’ seasonal activities for the children

Please RSVP to local PINNT Ambassador:
Tracy Hill thill@pinnt.com  or telephone 01945 780909

While you’re about it, why not look at the website  www.pinnt.com to discover more about PINNT. Do consider coming along with your family or friends; all are very welcome.

For any further information please contact the East Anglia PINNT Ambassadors
Tracy Hill thill@pinnt.com or Sylvia Cottee scottee@pinnt.com                                                                                                                                                                         

Group Co-ordinators

Sylvia Cottee

I have been involved with our regional support group for around 20 years. From this experience I have seen friendships develop and help and reassurance given and received, between people in similar situations. I thoroughly endorse this forum which offers mutual support to the whole family, and hope you will join us.


Tracy Hill

Hi, I'm Tracy and I live on the Norfolk Cambridge border. I have been on HPN for around 10 years now. I am only able to have a cup of tea and a biscuit before I feel as full up as if I have had a three course meal! I feel very sick but thankfully my feeding is there to support my nutritional needs.



Circular November 2012

November 2012 wasn’t the best of weather, cold, wet and dreary. However for local PINNT members, their friends and family, sunshine and laughter was found for a few hours in Cambridge.



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