Regional Groups

Our one of aims is to unite members in a variety of ways.  Where possible we offer access to a regional or local group meeting.  We know from the feedback we receive that many people gain support by attending our meetings where they can share experiences, gain support and offer advice to others in similar positions. 

PINNT is always keen to establish a new group and are always happy to receive offers of help whereby we can extend our support network to as many people as we can.

Currently we have active groups in:
but, we are ALWAYS keen for more.....

"Group Co-ordinators Needed"

Is this you ...

I would love to meet people (adults and children) who like me or a family member live life on-line, but have been unable to find any Regional Groups near enough to me.
  • PINNT regional groups are run voluntarily by members.
  • If you feel that this could be you perhaps with the help of others, the first step is to contact / Tel. 01223 880616 to talk it through.
  • All it would take to form the beginnings of a new PINNT regional group is a few interested and motivated people getting together in friendship and support.

For further details see the profiles on current groups.

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