'Medical tags'


New resource on its way to members

We are delighted to be posting the 1st batch of 'medical tags' that our HPN/PN members have requested.

The 'medical tag', part of HAN week 2017 will provide members with a verification process when faced with security checks, they can demonstrate that they have genuine medical equipment - #verify

Full information on the project can be found on: pinnt.com/News/News/Non-Members/HAN-WEEK-2017-Project-Verify-verify.aspx  

Call to Actionwe need the following from members:
  • All enteral/tube fed patients are asked to send us the make and model number of the enteral pumps being used so we can compile the same process for enteral/tube fed patients comms@pinnt.com

Only available via PINNT to PINNT members


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