Aircraft cabin luggage ban


New rules on electronic devices allowed in the cabin

For updates on the new ban please check out BBC News (or similar pages) - the maximum size of devices on certain flights will be no more than 16cm x 9.3cms.

You will be able to take items out but getting back into the UK with certain airlines from certain destinations will be the obstacle.

In terms of medical devices we are unable to confirm anything at this early stage.

Do not assume anything - if you are using any of the airlines mentioned then you need find out exactly how this may affect any medical devices you may be planning to carry in your hand luggage which is stowed in the cabin.

Now more than ever is a good time to be prepared! Contact the your airline for current information and keep an eye on news websites.

Stowing items in checked-in luggage is a risk, many people do put pumps in their luggage in the hold but carry spares in the cabin. We cannot guarantee that this will be permitted, it will need prior authorisation. Check with your own homecare company for any information they have in terms of liability and insurance of items taken abroad. Despite it having been stated that patients should insure pumps this may be difficult as you don't own them.

Bear in mind that the airline will issues statements but airport security will make final decisions. 

Items can be confiscated and you have no right to insist on taking anything they are unhappy with onto the plan in your hand luggage.

Do not panic if none of this applies to your travel plans.

Find out the facts directly from the airline or relevant news pages.

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