Rollup! Rollup!




It's that time again ...


How do people on HAN eat?

Both videos have over 10 thousand views via Facebook.

Raising awareness; no pleasure, no tastes, social restriction - hard all year round but even harder during the festive season.

Others over indulge - we watch and enjoy seeing others happy but it's hard for those who cannot join in.

Spare a thought of all those on home artificial nutrition (HAN) this Christmas.

As the Chair of the Stakeholders group for the National Framework for Home Parenteral Nutrition in England, I am pleased to be able to share the Patient Charter for Home Parenteral Nutrition with you.


Just a reminder to check you have all you need before the festive season...


Tube fed and Fearless.

I am participating in the 10k Santa Run in London in December to raise money for PINNT.


Perceptions of admissions for enteral tube related issues


Latest Talking Points Information Guide - Travelling with Parenteral Nutrition in the UK.


As many of you who use enteral tubes will be aware there are ongoing changes with the enteral tubes and accessories which is currently in phase two of three.

This is to standardise all tubes and accessories used for enteral nutrition across the world in the hope of preventing 'never events' from occurring.
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