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As part of our on-going commitment to improve levels of care for those at risk of malnutrition in the UK BAPEN have introduced a new Decision Tree resource.


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As many of you know we published our first annual review last year and it was so well received and has been of great benefit when explaining to people what it is that we at PINNT do and why we do it that it was decided to continue to publish these on an annual basis and so here is the next installment; Annual Review 2013-2014.

Some of you may know that there are to be a few changes made concerning how enteral feeding tubes are connected over the course of the next couple of years.

To give you a little bit of background and history...

There have been incidents in the past when medication and nutrition meant for intravenous administeration has been connected and administered into an enteral feeding tube or enteral feed has been connected to and admistered through intravenous catheters.

Now you may be thinking, how can this happen? We all know that enteral tubes are purple and the connections between enteral and intravenous are not compatible so how can you connect the two.

Well this is the case in the UK. A number of years ago now, there was a shift to having male and female luer connectors, as well as different colours of tubes, giving sets and syringes to ensure that it was clear which was connect to where, but many countries have not made this change, until now.
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