Home Artificial Nutrition Awareness Week 2016


Each year PINNT strive to raise the public awareness of Home Artificial Nutrition (HAN) through our HAN awareness week.

As part of this years champaign there are a number of special features and events taking place which will be published here throughout the week. There will also be a number of links and features published via our social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter and we hope that you will show your support by liking, sharing and retweeting our features; ultimately helping us spread the word of life on HAN. These include:

  • Patient Stories
  • PINNT Webinar: Travelling on enteral and parenteral nutrition????
  • Preliminary findings of the PINNT survey????
  • Video: The making of a bag of parenteral nutrition????

Additionally, there are also a number of opportunities for you to get involved to raise the public awareness of enteral and parenteral nutrition including:
  • Local Media???
  • x
  • x

Please support PINNT in showcasing home artificial nutrition; emphasising that people have the chance to live life to its fullest and increasing the understanding of the challenges those on these treatment face.. 
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